Westin Wedding – Sara & Bill Kochman

On Saturday, the wedding for Sara & Bill Kochman took place at the Westin in downtown Pittsburgh! The reception was held on the third floor, which had a beautiful dining and dancing area filled with vibrant colors and flowing fabrics. Hues of lavender along with neutral tones and rich shades of maroon complimented the lush fresh flowers that sat on each table. An added bonus? Peace, Love, & Little Donuts brought 500 delicious miniature treats for guests to decorate and munch on all night long!

Planning Your Wedding?

Spring has sprung, and if you’ve been planning your summer wedding, you’ve realized that it is right around the corner! Nervous? Don’t be! Here are some tips for planning your summer wedding to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Tips for Planning Your Summer Weddings

What do you really need on your registry?

Source: What do you really need on your registry?

What do you really need on your registry?


While walking through Macy’s, we find that they really cater to the Bride looking to register!

As we dive into the midst of wedding season, most brides are checking off items on their to do lists, checking in with their wedding planners, and checking their wish lists of registries.

In addition to the traditional wedding registry, the new trend is the Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Registry. In a comprehensive registry, you can register with one site which will direct your guests go to that site and they can see everything you may want and need for your new beginning. if you’re wondering what sites are out there for this, they are listed below.

Now, what about the the ever so debated topic of what you need vs. what you want. This is tough because you may think you need 10 different dip bowls along with trays, and the set of 15 fancy china pieces. Better yet, you may think you need that cake stand for all of the cakes/cupcakes you’re going to be making for your husband once you’re married. (*hint if you don’t really need it now, you probably won’t need it once you’re married)

THEN comes the problem, where does all of this desperately wanted stuff go? Do you have space? Are you living in a house you bought? Are you still living with one of your parents? Are you renting? Space is probably tight… huh? Turns out that you only received 7 of the 15 pieces of China you registered for…creating an awkward arrangement, and Lord knows that you, as newlyweds, don’t have a surplus of money.

PRACTICAL SOLUTION: Register your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding! You will receive money that you will not have to be spending out of pocket.There are websites out there that allow you to register for your basics (not your wants, but needs), and you can place your honeymoon on there as well! Best idea yes? Calla Event Design and Travel can answer any further questions and help you with your planning to ensure the money is spent to the maximum potential possible!


  • Blueprintregistry.com (honeymoon fund)
  • Zola.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Myregistry.com
  • newlywish.com

Over Water Bungalows

Just in case you didn’t fall in love with Sandal’s Over the water Bungalows the first time, we are back with more information and incredible, maybe even breathtaking, photographs! With the weather teasing Pittsburgh with a few days filled with the warmth of summer, then plunging back down into single digit degrees, we are ready for some fun in the sun! Sandal’s Jamaican resort is one of a kind in the Carribean and the perfect place to cure those wintertime blues.

While the Bungalows are books almost a year in advance, each bungalow has exquisite qualities that make the wait worth it. With glass floors, tranquility tubs, two-person hammocks, and private infinity pools, each bungalow provides the essentials needed to be your own private paradise.

Did we forget to mention that the bungalow suites are all inclusive? 24-hour room service, as well as a water taxi, makes the trip hassle free and gives you the vacation, honeymoon, or weddingmoon that you deserve!

Ready to book? We sure are! Click the link below to contact us!




True Love ❤️

Today we were coming to you with the next underwater bungalow, just as dreamy, however much easier on the pockets .

That has since changed, so tune in tomorrow for that lovely view. We are instead going to talk about true love. What is true love? Is true love a pedestal we never quite reach the top of? I hear stories all the time of people “knowing” it was “love at first sight” and “young love” is real. This generation (i’m not suggesting anything, read it however you want) probably did not stick with their first love, or their high school sweetheart. If you did, I’m willing to wager on you still being together. We stray from these “first loves” because we are young, have “too much going on” or think it’s never going to work out. What if it did?

The older generation (my grandparent’s generation) currently in my opinion is in the hardest times of their lives. They are older and losing friends to ailments or natural causes. They live with tlotte-meijer-142578.jpghe worry of passing away without their spouse, or leaving their children and grandchildren behind. What’s interesting though, most of them tell stories of getting married right after high school, many marrying their high school sweet heart, first true love, and many still together with their “true loves” to this day.

If this generation learns anything from our elders, I hope it is:

1. love exists so don’t give up

2. life is short (most given advice by older people) so do what makes you happy

3. Be kind, because you don’t know what anyone is going through

We hope everyone finds the kind of love that makes you swoon and want to do what’s right for the world. Because when you’re in love you’re happy, when you’re happy it’s hard to do wrong to others.

Much love ❤️


Dreamy Over water Bungalows

Now you can stay in over water bungalows without having to travel nearly across the globe or further. You can go to the newly constructed Sandal’s Resort Montego Bay- Jamaica and stay in your own Bungalow. ✓ All inclusive (Literally ALL, everything, we mean it!),              ✓ luxurious, with your ✓ own butler,✓ all the water sports you can think of, and ✓ views to die for with a ✓ relaxing vibe to match with your own soaking pool.

✓ Sign us up please!

These guys have a wait time of up to a year! So if you want to go, sign up now! Let us know and we will make sure you are taken care of. We may try to sneak into your luggage and never come home, but you’ll never know we are there.

Courtesy of the Sandals Website, check out these pictures that we are sure don’t even do the place justice, you have to simply experience it for yourself! (destination wedding, honeymoon, baby-moon, anniversary, or just a vacation)


So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for the best rate and date!


Debunking the Destination Wedding

Recently there was a forum thread a bride started about trying to save money by having a destination wedding because she thought that she could invite everyone she would if it were in her hometown, and assume her invitees would not come. This made us think about writing a bit about destination weddings and debunk some of these myths people think when considering them.

So we will be completely honest, getting married is expensive. BUT looking at our last post, if done correctly, you can do it with a budget. Where you get married is an important part of your story as a couple and how you plan to continue your journey as a married couple. Many people are religious and have close ties to their local church, synagogue, mosque, and other religious establishments. By getting married there, they are continuing their faith together.

Some though, have that faith, but have a different idea of what their wedding looks like. Some envision getting married in a field of daisies surrounded by loved ones, on the beach with their closest friends and family, or some choose a destination wedding for other reasons. We are here to help you decide why you are choosing your venue, and why you shouldn’t be choosing your destination.

  1. Destination weddings will save you money because not everyone you invite will come. Wrong. Don’t pick a destination wedding thinking you can invite everyone you want and they won’t come- they will. Then you are in a awkward position.
  2. Destination weddings are cheaper than in the states. They can be.This is all dependent upon where you get married, how much you spend, and how many people you invite. Often if you had that same wedding at home, with the same people, you would save money.
  3. You can have a 2-in-1 to save money, a wedding and a honeymoon all in 1. Yes, this is true, however make sure it’s somewhere you would want to be anyway.

So why do a destination wedding? They are pretty fantastic actually. You have to want to be there for reason other than 1,2, and 3 above. You have special ties to the place, you are a descendant of that culture and it means a lot to get married in the place, or you love to travel and love a place so much that getting married there would be special.

Now that we have debunked some of these reasons, we hope you find a special place for your destination wedding. *Come back for some of our favorite places that would be phenomenal destination weddings   craftdb-1496.jpg

(150 people attended this destination wedding and the Bride and Groom felt so loved!)

Let us save you money and a headache

Many people end up conducting their whole wedding because they believe they are 1. saving money and 2. can’t afford the wedding planner. Well we are here to help debunk these myths and explain the whole system of why a wedding planner/event planner/ travel planner is the best choice you can make.


Often we act with multiple hats and can do the decor, flowers, linens, as well as acting as the middle man to the venue. With experience in the business we are familiar with different venues, what they offer, what they are most likely to look like, and how they operate. We can help direct you towards ones that will be in your budget and help maximize what you want, understanding that your budget may be top priority. Since we are familiar with venues we may be able to get different prices knowing the ins and outs of their pricing.

The average wedding of 175 people costs 29,000. Now looking at that may shock you, but when looking at venue, cake, chairs, linens, china, catering, flowers, decor, time, man power, it all costs money and time.This is where we come in to help keep your budget where it should be, make sure you’re not getting the run around, and keep everything in check and on time. Think about all the time you would be placing into this, taking away from the time of enjoying being engaged. We will save you stress, money, headaches, frustration, and the best part… We do free room blocking for your out of town guests. So what are you waiting for? 

So you want to be a wedding planner?

craftdb-1195She gave me a chance when she didn’t have to, welcome to event planning 101

I took a chance by emailing Katherine Shaw one evening in December after perusing Pinterest and pinning things-leaving myself satisfied and feeling like a “designer” (c’mon we all do it, I’ll admit to it). I was less happy with my current job and needed to find myself, and more importantly, find something that made me happy each day.

Fast forward to a day in January when I received an email asking if I was interested in an internship or a job opportunity. Through emails we corresponded, and she trusted me to be who I said I was. So, I showed up on her door step to start learning.
Learning happened quickly-how she ran her business, how the event planning world really works, and the ins and outs of being a bridal consultant as well as a travel agent and the world of Destination Weddings.

Through this whole process I can tell you the most fascinating thing I have noticed and learned about Katherine…she wears her heart on her sleeve and if you go to her for help with an event, wedding, or travel plans, she will take you under her wing and you will feel incredibly loved and understood at the same time.

So this is how I turned my 2017 into a fabulous year, let us help make YOUR 2017 unforgettable!

My name is Brooke Craft and I went from a social worker with a Masters in Education to navigating the social world of event and travel planning. I can ensure you-the entire team has your best interests in everything they do. ❤️