What do you really need on your registry?


While walking through Macy’s, we find that they really cater to the Bride looking to register!

As we dive into the midst of wedding season, most brides are checking off items on their to do lists, checking in with their wedding planners, and checking their wish lists of registries.

In addition to the traditional wedding registry, the new trend is the Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Registry. In a comprehensive registry, you can register with one site which will direct your guests go to that site and they can see everything you may want and need for your new beginning. if you’re wondering what sites are out there for this, they are listed below.

Now, what about the the ever so debated topic of what you need vs. what you want. This is tough because you may think you need 10 different dip bowls along with trays, and the set of 15 fancy china pieces. Better yet, you may think you need that cake stand for all of the cakes/cupcakes you’re going to be making for your husband once you’re married. (*hint if you don’t really need it now, you probably won’t need it once you’re married)

THEN comes the problem, where does all of this desperately wanted stuff go? Do you have space? Are you living in a house you bought? Are you still living with one of your parents? Are you renting? Space is probably tight… huh? Turns out that you only received 7 of the 15 pieces of China you registered for…creating an awkward arrangement, and Lord knows that you, as newlyweds, don’t have a surplus of money.

PRACTICAL SOLUTION: Register your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding! You will receive money that you will not have to be spending out of pocket.There are websites out there that allow you to register for your basics (not your wants, but needs), and you can place your honeymoon on there as well! Best idea yes? Calla Event Design and Travel can answer any further questions and help you with your planning to ensure the money is spent to the maximum potential possible!


  • Blueprintregistry.com (honeymoon fund)
  • Zola.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Myregistry.com
  • newlywish.com

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